Cat Eye Gel Nails

Cat Eye Gel

Cat Eye Gel Nails

A new nail trend, nicknamed cat eye nails, has swept Instagram. These glittering, mirrored polishes give your nails the reflective look of actual cat eyes.

Apply a thin coat of iGel Base Coat and cure under your UV or LED lamp. Then, apply your 1st coat of Cat Eye Gel. When dry, use our iGel Dual Head Magnet to achieve the sharp effect and galactic galaxy effect.


Cat eye nails, or narrow lines that shimmer like cat’s eyes, have a mesmerizing effect and can be worn for almost any occasion. They’re especially perfect for formal events or even to dress up your everyday look. There are tons of colors to choose from, so experiment with different combinations. You can also opt for a different color on each nail to create a multi-hued mani that puts the fun in funky.

The most popular color for cat eye gel polish is blue, but you can also go with a green or purple mani. If you love a glittery look, opt for a metallic shade, such as Cirque Colors Bubbly Collection Set, to get a sparkly and unique design. Or, try a matte cat-eye polish to make your nails appear more natural and wearable.

Another option is to add a touch of elegance and sophistication with a black cat-eye manicure. This looks particularly stunning when paired with a silver top coat, like Mooncat Treasure Trove. You can even opt for a darker cat-eye look, such as dark gray or deep jewel tones.

Brown isn’t typically a staple nail color, but it can be a great canvas for a cat-eye look. Opt for a neutral or taupe base color, then use a dark metallic shade, such as Mooncat If Frogs Had Wings, to create your cat-eye.


The magnetic cat eye effect has swept Instagram, attracting many Cat Eye Gel nail art enthusiasts. This dazzling trend has earned its name from the narrow line that shimmers on your nails, resembling actual cat eyes. This cat eye gel polish is available in various colors and effects, allowing you to express your creativity. ICEGEL’s magnet cat eye is designed for ease of use and is compatible with multiple nail art techniques.

ICEGEL’s magnet cat eye contains iron powder fragments that are attracted to magnets, creating mesmerizing patterns on the surface of the polish. When a magnet is placed over the wet polish, the particles are drawn to the surface of the nail and stay there as the polish dries. The resulting mesmerizing nail designs are perfect for showcasing your personality.

Try pairing your magnet cat eye with a matte top coat to create a contrast of textures on the nail. The result is a chic and elegant look that’s perfect for sophisticated occasions.

To apply the magnet cat eye effect, start by applying a base coat and curing it under the UV or LED lamp. Then, apply a thin coat of the gel polish and immediately place the magnet over it at 1 cm tall. The overall effect is determined by how close the magnet is to the nail and which direction you move it. Once satisfied with the design, cure your nails. You can repeat this process to add more layers and build up the opacity, if desired.


Using regular magnets to apply cat eye nail polish will not work. They have a small surface area and are not designed for this particular application. Specifically, you need a nail magnet for magnetic gels, which has large enough surface area to grab the powder and create an amazing pattern on your nails. You can purchase one of these magnets from your local beauty store or online.

A popular style for fashion-forward girls, cat-eye nails are characterized by a metallic line running diagonally across the nail. The look is a unique combination of a matte finish with sparkles and textures for a glam look that will catch the eye of everyone you meet. This look is ideal for a night out on the town or even at music festivals and clubs.

The best cat eye magnetic nail polish is the Milky Way holographic gel from Cirque Colors. It features a rainbow-like holographic finish that shifts and shimmers with light. This color is perfect for adding dimension to your manicure, and it looks especially beautiful when layered over dark bases.

To create this look, start with a base coat and cure under LED or UV light. Apply two to three coats of the holographic cat-eye nail polish. Once dry, place a double-head magnet over your nail. The larger end of the magnet can cover a wide surface area quickly, while the smaller end is ideal for creating curves and S-curves. Let the magnet sit on your nail for 10-15 seconds, and then use a top coat to seal in your design and lock in moisture.


The mesmerizing Cat Eye nail trend has swept Cat Eye Gel supplier Instagram, and it’s one of the most popular looks for clients to get done at a local salon. The effect is created by a narrow line that shimmers on your nails, mimicking the look of a cat’s eye. The lines that shimmer on the nails vary, just like actual cats eyes do, making this manicure a truly unique and eye-catching look.

The best way to get the most out of Cat Eye Gel is to apply it over a darker base color to make the colors really pop. For example, Selfgel 26 Little Black Dress or Selfgel 37 Starry Night are the perfect bases to showcase the effect. If you’re looking to go a bit more colorful, try pairing the gel with Selfgel 57 Lavender Haze or Shocking Pink.

Apply a thin coat of your chosen color and cure it for 60 seconds. Apply a second coat of the same color and wait for it to dry slightly. After the polish is completely dry, hold a magnet over your nails to create a design. Use the different magnets to create a variety of effects, including stars and circles. Once you’ve finished, cure the gel once again for 60 seconds and then finish with a No Wipe Top Coat. Cure that for another 60 seconds, and you’re ready to show off your new cat eye manicure!