Personalized Disposable Hand Towels

personalized disposable hand towels

Personalized Disposable Hand Towels

Personalized disposable hand towels add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any bathroom. They’re available with a wide variety of monograms, names or designs to suit any décor.

Guests will enjoy the soft feel of these linen-like hand towels, which are free of dyes and fragrances. They’re ideal for restaurants, hotel clubs, and bar bathrooms.


Hand towels are a staple in the lives of many individuals. They help maintain hygiene, add style and functionality, and are eco-friendly. They are also a convenient choice for businesses and organizations that want to promote their brand or message through an innovative, cost-effective way.

Custom-printed towels can be used in a variety of ways. They can be a great way to boost school spirit, promote an automotive dealership or event, and promote a health-related company or organization. They can even be given away as promotional gifts. In addition, they can be a unique, affordable way to advertise at fitness centers, beaches, sporting events, and corporate functions.

Personalized towels make a great gift for loved ones. For example, you can give a set of decorative hand towels to a friend or family member as a housewarming gift. You can also buy them for a birthday, graduation, wedding, or other special occasion. Decorative hand towels can help tie a home decor theme or design together, so they’re the perfect complement to any space.

Towels with customized borders are a popular option for individuals and businesses. The process of sublimation allows for the printing of personalized disposable hand towels complex designs and intricate details on towel border fabric. The ink becomes an integral part of the towel, so it is resistant to rips and tears. They are also durable and can withstand repeated washings and exposure to sunlight.


Custom printed linen like hand towels make for great promotional materials at fitness centers, the beach or corporate events. They also serve the purpose of hand drying in a more convenient and sanitary manner, especially for those who may be attending a buffet style event where food or drinks are served. These disposable hand towels are a good alternative to paper napkins and provide better absorbency for spills or drink condensation.

These high-quality linen feel hand towels for bathroom use are made in Europe and have a soft texture, thickness and appearance of cloth. Unlike traditional paper towels, they are strong and won’t fall apart easily. Add a monogram to the front design for a personal touch that will pamper your guests. They are also great for wedding restrooms, banquet facilities and public bathrooms at special celebrations.

These luxury hand towels are perfect for your home, office or event. Stylish and comfortable, they are available in 3 sizes (beverage/cocktail, luncheon and dinner/guest towel) and 21 colors with low minimums starting at 50. You can choose from a wide selection of fonts and designs, including many fun stock art options that include whimsical graphics for a fun theme or a classic monogram. You can even choose a color-matched foil stamp to enhance the look. These guest towels are dye- and fragrance-free and are a green alternative to cloth hand towels.


The soft texture of linen-like guest hand towels makes them a luxurious way to dress up any powder room. These elegant paper towels come with a foil stamped design of your choice that adds a fun and personalized touch to your party decor. Choose a classic monogram, a festive holiday phrase or something more humorous that will make guests laugh. Decorative hand towels are also a great housewarming gift for new homeowners.

Personalized disposable hand towels are hygienic and provide a better option than cloth towels for high-traffic areas like restrooms and workplaces. They eliminate the need to wash and dry towels between uses, which can spread germs and bacteria. Additionally, paper towels are single-use, which minimizes the risk of bacterial transfer between users.

Whether you’re hosting a party or giving a thoughtful gift, custom printed paper hand towels are a fun and affordable addition to any household or business. Personalize yours with a monogram, a fun graphic or disposable hand towels a fun message for a bridal shower, birthday party, Christmas, anniversary or any other special occasion. These luxury paper towels for the bathroom have a gorgeous linen-like texture and are made in Europe of premium quality 100% biodegradable, linen-like paper that is thicker and softer than standard paper. Each set of 100 pre-folded guest towels measures 13” x 17” open and 4” x 8” closed.


Add a touch of elegance and class to any powder room or facility with custom hand towels. These paper napkins serve a very functional purpose (drying hands in a sanitary manner) and can be designed to match a particular theme or color palette for birthday parties, holiday gatherings, weddings or other special occasions. Create a fun quarantine themed look with stock art that reflects the theme or family name, and a monogram for added personalization.

Personalized linen feel paper hand towels are ideal for the bathroom at your wedding reception, public event or dinner party. These premium bathroom napkins are thicker and softer than regular paper towels, with the look and feel of fine linen. You can even select foil-stamped monogramming for added elegance.

Embroidered guest hand towels are an affordable way to outfit your facilities and show guests that you’re prepared for whatever happens at your party. These napkins are a great fit for buffet lines, food service areas and any location where drinks or meals might make hands messy. Coordinate them with other paper products like stadium cups and paper napkins for a coolly coordinated appearance. These paper napkins are biodegradable, so you can be sure they’re environmentally friendly as well.