Picosure Laser Machine For Tattoo Removal

picosure laser machine

Picosure Laser Machine For Tattoo Removal

Unlike traditional laser tattoo removal, the picosure laser does not heat up your skin. This means less discomfort during treatment.

When the laser pulses hit the melanin, they produce mechanical stress that fractures the pigment into tiny particles which are then eliminated by your body. The result is faster clearance with fewer treatments.

Tattoo & Pigment Removal

PicoSure laser tattoo removal uses a revolutionary picosecond technology, which delivers ultra-short pulse bursts of energy into the skin. This allows the tattoo pigment to shatter into much smaller particles, making it easier for your immune system to remove. The result is visibly clearer, ink-free skin faster than ever before possible. PicoSure is especially effective on black tattoos and other deep ink colors as well as recalcitrant, green-colored tattoos.

Cynosure’s PicoSure is the world’s first and fastest FDA-cleared picosecond aesthetic laser. It delivers ultra-short pulse bursts (a trillionth of a second) of laser energy into the skin, which dramatically improves tattoo removal results. It is also more powerful than Q switch nanosecond lasers and can treat a wider range of ink colors.

In addition to its impressive tattoo removal capabilities, PicoSure can be used to remove pigmented lesions, such as age spots and sunspots. It is also effective in removing the red and blue areas caused by rosacea and can even treat port wine stains, freckles and other discolorations of the skin.

During treatment, the laser energy is delivered through a lens to a superficial area of your skin. You may experience a slight sensation of warmth. The treated area will temporarily become lighter, but will gradually return to its natural color. This occurs because your skin’s melanin absorbs some of the laser energy.

Skin Rejuvenation

Most of us have tried a multitude of skincare products to help reduce common skin concerns such as sun spots, melasma and fine lines and wrinkles. But most of these products only offer limited results and can often require long periods of time to see results.

PicoSure’s revolutionary technology offers a more effective solution to rejuvenate and clear your complexion. This new laser treatment works by using focused laser energy to erase pigmented lesions and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars. It also encourages picosure laser machine collagen production so that you can enjoy firmer and more youthful looking skin.

Traditional laser treatments used heat energy to burn away unwanted ink or melt away melanin (the pigment that causes dark spots) but this created a lot of pain and discomfort as well as significant redness and downtime. PicoSure’s ultra-short laser pulses deliver a more gentle treatment that can produce similar results with significantly less discomfort, pain and downtime.

PicoSure’s unique Focus Lens Array can be used to treat a wide range of skin conditions including pigmented lesions, acne scarring, enlarged pores, and to clear nails infected by toenail fungus. By targeting the chromophore in the pigment, PicoSure can quickly break down the lesion and leave your skin clearer and more vibrant.

Skin Tightening

In addition to removing tattoo ink and pigmentation, a picosure laser can also tighten skin, smooth out lines & wrinkles and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. The picosecond technology of the device enables it to treat the skin without damaging the surrounding tissue, meaning you don’t need any downtime to get the results you want.

The Focus Lens Array on the picosure laser machine combines to create microscopic photomechanical reactions within the surface of the skin, which converts the laser energy into gentle pressure waves that activate your body’s natural healing process to stimulate picosure laser machine collagen and elastin. This results in a firmer, younger-looking skin tone and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

As a result, this treatment is ideal for treating uneven skin tones, aging signs and wrinkles, sun damage, acne scarring and rosacea. It can also be used to remove unwanted stretch marks and body hair.

When it comes to tattoo removal, the Picosure laser is a great choice, especially for darker skin tones because it doesn’t have the same issues with melasma as other non-picosecond lasers.

Although the Picosure is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted tattoos, it’s important to find a trusted clinic that has experience with this type of laser. It’s also a good idea to look for before and after photos from the clinic, especially those from patients with a similar skin type to yours, to ensure you are getting the best possible results.

Skin Resurfacing

The PicoSure laser uses a technique called elegant injury or laser-induced optical breakdown (LIOB). This means that the light pulses don’t cause thermal damage to the skin, so they’re able to remove unwanted pigmentation with little or no downtime.

The laser pulses are able to break apart the melanin that causes dark spots, and then the body naturally eliminates these cells, leaving you with smooth and even skin complexion. This is perfect for removing sun spots, freckles and birthmarks, but can also be used to reduce the appearance of acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines.

In addition to being able to treat all types of pigmentation, the PicoSure laser is also able to reduce fine lines and wrinkles without significant downtime. It works by stimulating new collagen and elastin production in the skin, giving you a younger and more vibrant looking face.

The PicoSure laser is the first of a new generation of aesthetic lasers that doesn’t rely on heat to destroy tattoo ink or melanin, which is the pigment that causes dark spots in your skin. Instead, it uses ultra-short picosecond laser pulses to damage the skin in trillionths of a second without causing thermal damage, which is important for darker skin because it reduces the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This is one of the reasons that it can safely treat a wide range of skin imperfections on both men and women.